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Slab leaks occur under your home’s foundation when pipes begin to leak. Although they might start out small, they can cause major damage if left untreated and it can also destroy your home’s foundation. Save yourself a lot of heartache and money later. At the first sign of trouble, call our licensed and insured team and we’ll fix the problem fast.


• Slab leak repair

• Slab leak patching

• Pinhole leak repair

• Foundation repair


Pinhole leaks occur above the foundation and can be just as damaging and costly. These pinhole-sized leaks in copper pipes need more than just a little electrical tape. Since 1954, our experts have provided outstanding slab leak and pinhole leak services. Don’t put your home at risk. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

Senior citizens and military members can get a 20% discount on our slab leak repair services.

Slab leak repair